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Osteopathic Health

Finding Health. Trusting Nature.

About Osteopathic Physicians of the Potomac


There are a few words that would be fit to summarize the paradigm of this unique healthcare practice:

  • Simple - the modern healthcare system is mercilessly beset with needless complexity which is eliminated in this model

  • Natural - the application of osteopathy to health care employs ancient wisdom of nature's healing laws taught through the ages

  • Safe - we utilize least-effective dose approaches to treatment strategies and trust the healing capacity of the body to do the rest

  • Collaborative - the physician is a friend who offers, guides, and assists in helping his/her patients to find the best health options

  • Proactive - Because maintaining health is much better than finding it once it is lost, this service focuses on prevention

  • Individualized - as each person is totally unique, so should treatment plans be

  • Practical - it is well understood that the realities of life often place limitations on our plans and we allow for such eventualities

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