Chronic Back Pain

Having suffered from chronic back pain for many years, I was discouraged last Fall when yet again I had a flare up.  After being treated with anti-inflammatory medication and a round of physical therapy as in the past, I continued to have pain.  I consulted Dr. Kaiser, and four months of his osteopathic treatment has resulted in a significant reduction in my symptoms.  I now am on a “maintenance” schedule of appointments with him in order to maintain this progress, and prevent further flare-ups.   
Grateful patient,


Great First Visit

Took my mom for OMT treatment with Dr. Kaiser and she greatly enjoyed it! He took his time asking alot of history questions, then did a physical evaluation, explained his findings and did toe to head treatment (yes, from hips to back to head)! My mom came out feeling really good. She is a little sore the next day (expected from treatment), but quite comfortable. He preferred to use softer techniques which is what my mom preferred due to past bad chiropractor experiences. He gave 4 at home exercises to do. Highly recommend Dr. Kaiser, very professional and knowledgeable in OMT. Easy to find office, plenty of parking, office was clean. He ACCEPTS INSURANCE (was a huge factor for us)!!! My mom felt that the experience and treatment was very much worth it, we look forward to next week visit and long term results.


Severe Stenosis and Herniated Disc

Went to Dr. Kaiser for severe pain and leg weakness from spinal stenosis and herniated disc. Using OMT he was able to completely relieve my pain and get me through for several months until I was able to have surgery. He explains every step along the way, takes my insurance, and no side effects from any medication. I would highly recommend OMT for any musculoskeletal related pain and more, and Dr. Kaiser is an expert.


Chronic Pain

Dr. Kaiser is a brilliant and caring doctor! I have been suffering from very painful complications from my mastectomies for many years; and have seen numerous doctors to try to help me. Dr. Kaiser was the first doctor to figure out the cause of my pain, treated it with gentle manipulation and dry-needling, and reduced my pain substantially. He has also treated me for the flu and guided me through weight loss. Dr. Kaiser listens to his patients and treats the whole body! He is the best of the best!


Chronic Migraines

I came to see Dr. Kaiser at the recommendation from a friend who suggested that I try his treatment for my migraines.  For numerous years I suffered from severe pain due to my debilitating migraines. These migraines prevented me from actively enjoying my life as I often was unable to get out of bed due to the throbbing pain.  Since my first treatment I noted that I could breathe better and that the pain began to become less severe.  After continued osteopathic manipulative treatment I noticed that my migraines became less common and that they lasted less.  I am very grateful for Dr. Grady has always gone above and beyond to accommodate me in his busy schedule.  He has assisted me with new coping techniques and has helped me by changing the way I see pain as no longer being part of who I am.  I have recommended him now to all of my loved ones.  Dr. Grady truly is a healer and does not bog you down with pills and instead empowers you to heal yourself from within.  Try him and see for yourself how this field of medicine can apply to whatever your medical situation or predicament needs maybe.



Back Pain

I am so happy I found Dr. Kaiser. After five years of no treatments (due to moving away from my previous DO), my back was one big solid crunch. I could not stand straight, get out of bed without a spasm or drive without supporting my right leg. A trained DO, like Dr. Kaiser, uses soft touch manipulation to get your skeletal framework aligned again. No sudden moves, no pain at the office, no fear of manipulation. A few visits and a few ibuprofen and I'm ready to get back to hiking...if you are suffering from back pain, call